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CyberWhist: Engage Student's Math ( DA/QL ) Gene
CyberWhist leverages the ubiquity of the game mechanics of the whist genre to serve as an online learning game to catalyze, exercise, assess Learners' Data Analysis / Quantitative Literacy skills. Link to CYBERWHIST or goto www.cyberwhist.com
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**** General Instructions *****
To play, Click on the GAMEBOARD tab.
You will be promted for a User Name, and a Password
If you don't have a User Name and Password,
Just choose a one and enter it as your Username and your Password.

Game Board Tools:

Face Up mode  - Lets you see all of the hands – good if you’re just learning.

Hand of the Week – What would you bid?
Try different bids on the same hand.
See what others would bid (and the results).

Statistics – Keep track of your results – need to create a login.

System requirements:
Just a browser, nothing to download.
Browsers - BidWhist.net  has been tested with IE, and FIREFOX.
Problems – Sometimes with personal firewalls, blockers, etc.

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if so you may want to try a different browser ( such as Firefox) .

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